ZOTAC, the creator of the Original Mini PC, derives its name from the words “zone” and “tact”, aptly referencing our skill & expertise in the zones of PC components, systems, and manufacturing. Combining both function and design, ZOTAC strives to create the latest technological products that epitomize form, utility, and style.

Since our establishment in 2006 under the umbrella of PC Partner (HSI: 1263), we have put innovation at the forefront of our philosophy, and have dedicated much energy to developing new technologies in order to enrich user experience.

As the First and Original Mini PC maker, we are dedicated to making the ZBOX ever more powerful and smaller, and with the growth of our technological capabilities, we are able to pack more performance per inch into the ZBOX. From the 7 inch by 7 inch Mini PC, to the 5 inch by 5 inch, then shrinking to the extreme with the smartphone-sized PICO, our ZBOX is using less space than ever while providing the same functionality.

From a humble graphics card manufacturer, we have expanded our reach into a full range of Mini PCs. We are always listening to user needs and always looking to improve ourselves and break into new realms of computing. From the Original Mini PC that incorporates the functions of a full desktop, to the small form quad-monitor capable small form Mini PC, we have stepped ahead of the game and created the perfect fit for industrial, business and personal uses. We are keeping the accelerator fully pressed on the R&D to bring more gadgets and expand our range of products for users.

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